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Unwanted Horse Coalition Announces Operation Gelding

Unwanted Horse Coalition Update

The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) has initiated Operation Gelding. The new UHC program will provide funds and materials to assist organizations, associations and events that wish to sponsor clinics in which horse owners can bring their stallions to be castrated. A number of associations have sponsored such clinics and the UHC wants to help more organizations, associations and events get involved in this effort.

This initiative is made possible by a special gift from the American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation and the UHC; both organizations have donated seed money to get the program started. Operation Gelding is patterned after several initiatives undertaken by horse associations, organizations and events around the country.

The UHC will provide information and forms necessary to conduct a clinic, along with seed money to defray the costs. Funds of $50 per horse gelded with a $1,000 maximum will be awarded to groups once a year. Assistance will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, subject to available resources. Organizations can apply by filling out the Operation Gelding Funding Form provided by the UHC. Funds will be awarded once the clinic is complete and a veterinary statement is provided. With the inauguration of Operation Gelding, the UHC will become more directly involved in helping horses.

Any organization, association or event can participate in the UHC's Operation Gelding program. The UHC wants to involve as many groups as possible. Please pass this notice on to your state and local organizations or other equine organizations in your area to inform them of the inauguration of Operation Gelding.

The impetus for these clinics is that the castration of a stallion will help prevent over-breeding and produce a gentler horse that is more rideable, more trainable and more saleable, allowing them to be used in several careers. Programs such as Operation Gelding should help reduce the number of horses being bred and aid in the adoption or sale of more horses.

There are many ways that your organization or event can become involved in helping with unwanted horses in addition to Operation Gelding. Please review the UHC's handbook, Best Practices: How Your Organization Can Help Unwanted Horses, which outlines other activities that organizations, associations and events can undertake to create programs that help horses in need. Best Practices cites many examples of how organizations and groups can get involved, including gelding clinics. This handbook can be downloaded from the website or by contacting the UHC.

For more information about Operation Gelding and how you can participate, please contact UHC Director, Ericka Caslin, at or 202-296-4031.

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