WHC Board of Directors

Director, Distance Riding Association of Wisconsin: Katie Bachhuber

Katie Bachhuber

Director, Wisconsin Buckskin Horse Association, OPEN

Director, Legacy: Troy Brick-Margelofsky

Director, Equestrian Friends of Governor Knowles State Forest: Patti Lehman

Director, District 5: Susie Weiss

Director, Kin Krest Saddle Club: Nancy Edwards

Nancy Edwards

Director, Horsey Habit Saddlery & Tack, Inc.: Michelle Endries

Director, Rock County Multi Use Trail Group: Jill Feller

Director, Wisconsin Pinto Horse Association: Kathy Findley

Director, District 4: Floyd Finney

Floyd Finney

Director, District 3: Rae Geb

Rae Geb

Director, Black Hawk Hill Horse Park, Inc.: McKenzie Glenetske

Director, Dan Grunewald Training & Clinics, LLC: Dan Grunewald

Director, Midwest Draft Horse Enthusiasts: Wayne Osterhaus

Director, Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association: Melanie Erce

Director, Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club, Inc.: James Harris

Director, Wisconsin Pony of the Americas Club: Lori Helmer

Lori Helmer

Director, Taylor Marie Performance Horses: Cindi Hoffmann

Director, District 5: Pat Jenkins

Director, Wisconsin Walking Horse Association: Kricket Jewett

Director, Legacy: Karen Kroll

Karen Kroll

Director, District 4: Mike Kroll

Mike Kroll

Director, District 2: OPEN

Director, Wisconsin Draft Horse Breeders Association: Cal Larson

Cal Larson

Director, Wisconsin High School Rodeo Association: Lila Lemanski

Director, Wisconsin Foundation Quarter Horse Association: Mike McGowan

Mike McGowan

Director, Pat's Chaps: Pat Miller

Pat Miller

Director, Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association: Ron Miller

Ron Miller

Director, Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response: Anne Murphy

Director, Legacy: Joe Parr

Director, Legacy: Jan Pieper

Jan Pieper

Director, Wisconsin 4-H Horse Association: Autumn Quinn-Reilly

Director, Dodge County Horsemen's Association: Diane Sackett

Director, Legacy: Lee Sackett

Lee Sackett

Director, Midwest TrailGaiters: Gail Seasor

Gail Seasor

Director, Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association: Cari Schmidt

Director, District 3: Bonnie Shepherd

Director, Legacy: Eloise Simons

D. Eloise Simons

Director, Dairyland Driving Club: James Slovik

Director, Steers Tack: Scott Steers

Director, Upper Midwest Endurance & Competitive Rides Association: Carol Wagner

Director, Wisconsin Interscholastic Horsemanship Association: Cara Schueller

Director, Jefferson County Draft Horse Association: Jason Yohn

Director, District 1: Renee Hendrickson


Director, District 1: Dennis Baljo

Director, Wisconsin Ranch Horse Association: Ellen Hebron

Director, District 2: Richelle Beene

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Legal Transportation of Horses Across State Lines

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