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DATE: 4/28/24
TIME: 4:00 p.m.
LOCATION: 9 Mile All Sport Resort N5751 WI -55, White Lake, WI 54491



WHC District 2 Youth Equine Education Day - Check back later for more info and the WHC District 2 Facebook page


Wisconsin Horse Council District 2 Youth Equine Education Day

By Shaughn Novy, WHC District 2 President

The Wisconsin Horse Council District 2 hosted a Youth Equine Education Day on May 22, at Black Hawk Hill in Langlade County to kick up the interest in our Wisconsin Horse Industry. Members and District 2 Officers decided it was important to reach families that may be new in the horse industry or those just considering horses as a hobby.

The Rodeo City Riders performed and added to the excitement. The Rodeo City Riders also gave a clinic with the kids asking lots of questions. Langlade County Horse and Pony Project gave a safety demonstration. Forest County Horse & Pony Club donated the crafts and worked all day with the kids to have a new skill with leather necklaces. Purina and Antigo Country Store supplied prizes on the Black Hawk Hill Kids Prize Wheel.

Fleet Farm supplied coupons and District 2 members gave a demonstration on body conditioning scoring and weighing your horse as well as what feed tags tell you. Several other demonstrations included why we test our horse pastures with soil testing kits furnished by VAS Laboratories. The scavenger hunt was as much fun for the parents as the kids. A roping demonstration wrapped up the day. Throughout the day we had about 30 families participate. Members were on hand to answer questions about selecting horses and where to get help with training.

A lot of information on trail riding and horse shows was distributed, and overall the day was a great success. We are hoping to add another WHC District 2 Education Day location next year to our Youth Equine Education and Fun Day.

If you are interested in hosting this worthwhile event in 2022, please contact one of the WHC District 2 Officers. Introducing youth to horses is amazing and helps with their relationship development with all animals. Thank you Wisconsin Horse Council District 2 and everyone who worked on or donated their time and service.


WHC District 2 Gymkhana Clinic Held 5/6/18 Recap

WHC District 2 held a gymkhana clinic on May 6, at the Western Connection Ranch in Rhinelander.  We would like to thank Richelle Beene and Norb Renn for being the host site for another District 2 clinic.

Mike McGowan, President of District 5, was our clinician.  All youth and adults that participated in the clinic really enjoyed Mike’s knowledge and encouragement.  This was the first time our district held a gymkhana clinic.  When picking who we would like to get to be our clinician, our top pick was Mike McGowan.  Mike has done clinics for different county 4-H groups within our district, which were always well attended.  Thank you again, Mike, for all of your knowledge.  A good time was had by all.

This clinic was open to youth and adults.  WHC promotes the horse industry as something the whole family can enjoy.  Having this clinic surely did just that.  We had a mother and daughter attend the clinic, as well as a family of four, including the dad that participated.  With this clinic being held on the opening weekend of fishing season, and this dad was at a “horse clinic”, said a lot.  Youth grow up so fast, but these families will have this clinic and its memories forever.  Four Marathon County youth were able to use this clinic as a 4-H requirement approved by the UW-Extension agent.  We had two ladies who audited the clinic.  They asked if they could also be with the ring crew so that they would hear all of the dialogue between the clinician and the participants in order to learn more themselves.

Safety was a first requirement of the day too.  Mike McGowan checked all tack on the horses before starting the riding.  He spoke with each rider to hear what their level of riding was, along with what they hoped to learn with their horse.  Mike always travels with his bag of tack.  With it, he can loan out a piece of tack for the day so that the rider doesn’t have to go out and buy tack that doesn’t work for their horse.  This was much appreciated by the riders.

Our clinic only had 12 participants with 4 people that had last minute things come up.  So these 12 riders, auditors and clinic committee members would like to thank Mike McGowan for a fun and educational day.  The board members of WHC District 2 would like to thank Richelle and Norb for being a great host site.  Also to the WHC for supporting the efforts of the District 2 Clinic Committee for this clinic and clinics held in previous years.  Many times we hear, “what can the WHC do for me or why become a member?”  Well, without the support of the WHC, our District 2 would not be able to try different kinds of clinics for riders of different disciplines.  We wouldn’t have a clinic without the insurance that the WHC helps provide.  Most of all, it was a great day to be with horses and to meet new people who love horses.  Can’t go wrong with that!

Watch for what our District 2 Clinic Committee, comprised of; Holly McMullen, Donna Lee Ryan, Richelle Beene and Marilyn Krueger come up with for next year.  Our group at District 2 is looking at having another “Food, Fun & Education Day” with live horses at a facility.  We will also have guest speakers within the horse industry.



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District 2 includes Florence, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marinette, Menominee, Oconto, Oneida, Shawano and Vilas counties.

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