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My name is Pat Jenkins, I am a member of the Wisconsin Horse Council and I am also the Secretary for District 5. I live in Sparta Wisconsin and am employed full time at the Monroe County Department of Human Services in the Business Unit.

I have been in AQHA member since the 1960's. I joined the AQHA Horseback Riding Program in the early 1990's. I am currently closing in on my 5000 hours in the saddle which was accomplished by riding a handful of horses. In the early years I was doing some trail riding and a tremendous amount of showing. I hauled several Palomino horses to PHBA Amateur Championships, an Open PHBA Championship and an Amateur Supreme Championship. After I completed the Supreme Championship in 1995, I was burned out from showing and decided what I really en-joyed and wanted to pursue more was trail riding.

At that time, I was riding Skip's Joy Anne, a big buckskin mare I had raised. I started seeing more of the USA from the back of a horse. We traveled to South Dakota, Missouri and points in between. In 2000 I decided that I needed an-other horse as a back up as Anne was getting older and had developed an issue in her hip.

Decks Winds, a beautiful buckskin gelding was found not too far from home and he joined the ranks. Windy had seen a tremendous amount of country from Battle Park area in the Cloud Peak Wilderness of the Big Horn Moun-tains of Wyoming to the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, the Shawnee National Forest in Illinois and lots of areas in between. He is a trooper, but keep him away from BEES! He won't run from bees, he stays right there and fights with them and he can buck with the best of broncs.

I joined the Wisconsin Horse Council and then discovered that they had a Riding and Driving Program. I decided to participate in this program since I was already keeping track for the AQHA program.

In 2006, I again decided that since I was doing so much riding I should again, have another back up horse. The third buckskin to be part of this horseback riding experience is CR Smokes Red Buck, a great gelding that I found at CR Quarter Horses in Prairie du Chien. The day that I tried Buck out, we went to LaRiviere Park in Prairie du Chien. There was a deep ditch there, it has since been changed drastically with a huge culvert/bridge in the bottom but Buck being young and inexperienced started to slide down the side, got a little purchase with his hind toes and launched like the man from Snowy River to the bottom. Once we reached bottom, he started to scramble up the opposite side, his front legs went out from under him, he twisted and slid back down the steep incline and ended up belly against a small tree on his side with two legs on each side of the tree and me still on his back. I crawled off wearing a fair coat of mud; he wiggled around until he got clear of the tree and scrambled up the opposite side where he got to the other horses. After this inaugural ride on him, I took him home and less than two weeks later took him to the Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, Missouri. He has been here ever since and yes, we have gone back to Prairie du Chien and we went up and down that ditch several times before they did the major improvements on it. Buck is pretty quiet and laid back and basically would like to be a dog in the house. He wants to be where you are.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have the trail and state parks with camping and horseback riding trails in them. A great many of these miles of trails are on private land and we need to respect these landowners and their property. If the trails are laid out in a serpentine on a hillside, follow the trail, do not cut across and create a straight run which will only promote erosion, stay on the trails and out of the cropland. Pack your garbage out. We all need to remember that what we have for riding areas and trails is a privilege and it only takes a few to ruin it for all of us. If you carry a can and a candy bar in, bring the can and the wrapper back. The garbage weighs less than the original packaging.

We are fortunate to have the Wisconsin Horse Council and the Trails Committee with our Ride/Drive Program. We have new people that are active in the Ride/Drive Program and I think they have a lot of new ideas. If we get more participation and get the word out that there is more activity, the program can grow and prosper.

Happy Trails!

For information on the Ride/Drive Program contact Patty Wisneski -

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District 5 includes Adams, Buffalo, Clark, Columbia, Crawford, Jackson, Juneau, La Crosse, Marquette, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Trempealeau, Vernon, and Wood counties.

District Officers

Contact any of the following people to find out more about District 5 meetings or events:

District President: Pat Jenkins, 608-633-0273
District Vice President: Candy Glick, 608-548-3776
District Secretary: Debra Spencer, 608-847-6783
District Representative: Cheryl Norman, 608-434-2963
District & Executive Board Representative: Pat Jenkins, Rep, 608-633-0273

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