Frequently Asked Questions About The Wisconsin Horse Council

What is Wisconsin Horse Council?

WHC is a non-profit organization representing horsemen and women and the equine industry in Wisconsin. We promote the horse through leadership and education. Our role is to Support, Serve, and Protect our equine industry in Wisconsin.

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Who is WHC?

You and me - we are the Horse Council through our membership, our participation in our districts, and our involvement in WHC committees and programs. We are the force of the horse in Wisconsin.

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Why should I belong to WHC?

This is the only organization that is here for the horse and the people who own them or simply love them. We are not a breed organization, a saddle club, or a riding discipline. We exist solely for the welfare of the horse and the betterment of our industry as a whole. Membership in WHC connects you with other horse people who share your concerns and brings you to a broader view of the equine industry. The strength of our voice is in direct proportion to the size of membership. How many members we have is what always matters to officials. Often, people belong to organizations in relation to their profession; you should belong to this organization in relation to your passion. WHC represents the horse people of Wisconsin, and the horse people of Wisconsin need to support their state organization through membership.

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What else does WHC do?

  • We own and produce one of the largest and most successful horse expos in the U.S. - the Midwest Horse Fair.
  • We conduct a Certified Show Judge Program, improving the level of open show judging through educational seminars and certification.
  • Annually we award Sponsorships and Trail Grants at levels that provide significant financial help to equine charity events and clubs who are building and improving trails for recreational riding, etc.
  • We encourage and sponsor recognition of the people who have invested their time and money in growing and developing our industry through mentoring young horse people, initiating new programs, providing leadership in various equine/equestrian areas, and promoting responsible use of horses through our Annual Awards Program.
  • We conduct educational seminars and clinics for horse owners.
  • We conduct an annual 4-day Trail Design School on designing and building recreational trails for horse people.
  • We take an active role in legislative matters affecting both the state and the national equine industry.
  • We encourage a strong connection with our ag/livestock partners by participating in Ag Day at the Capitol.

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Announcements and Notices


The WHC Office will be closed 6/12/24 & 6/14/24. Thank you!

WHC Calendar of Upcoming Events

Want to know what equine related events and activities are going on in your area? Please click on the heading above to access a list of up-coming events and a form that you can complete and send to us to have your equine related activity added to this new calendar!

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Legal Transportation of Horses Across State Lines

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Attention All WHC Members

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Great News for WHC Members!

Did you know that if you are a member of the Wisconsin Horse Council (WHC), you are also eligible for the American Horse Council's (AHC) Advantage Plan?


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