Equine Welfare

UHC History:

The United Horse Coalition grew out of the Unwanted Horse Summit, which was organized by the American Association of Equine Practitioners and held in conjunction with the American Horse Council’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. in April 2005. The summit was held to bring key stakeholders together to start a dialogue on the plight of horses at-risk in America. Its purpose was to develop consensus on the most effective way to work together to address this issue. In June 2006, the UHC was folded into the American Horse Council and now operates under its auspices.

UHC Mission and Goals:

Through industry collaboration, the UHC promotes education and options for at-risk and transitioning horses.

The United Horse Coalition is committed to helping horses at-risk, or in transition by:

  • Educating current and future horse owners on responsible ownership, proper care and breeding, and options available before a horse reaches a state of being at-risk.
  • Raising awareness about the issue or horses at-risk,  and its impact on the horse industry
  • Reducing the number of horses at-risk, and working toward eliminating the problem
  • Ensuring that horses are treated humanely and with dignity
  • Facilitating the exchange of information on adoption, care, and alternative careers
  • Providing information on end-of-life decisions, including veterinary decisions, euthanasia, and disposal
  • Explaining the issue through presentations at industry gatherings, including horse association meetings, conferences, symposiums, and horse fairs

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Spotting a Sketchy Rescue

We should support good horse rescues. Since humane societies are rarely equipped to take in equines, these private organizations fill a huge need. However, some “rescues” are really scams, hoarders, or horse dealers in disguise. Here’s how to tell the altruists from the underhanded.

Please click on the link below to read this informative article written by Laura Rose, WHC District 4 President, on how to spot a sketchy rescue.


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The Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Program Status -
June 12, 2017

Please click on the link below to view a PDF document of the Wild Horse and Burro Program Status presenation put out by The Bureau of Land Management.


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About the Animal Welfare Council:  
The members of the Animal Welfare Council support the 
use of animals in recreation, entertainment,  sport and industry. AWC is 
dedicated to advancing the responsible and humane use of animals in these activities.


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Legal Transportation of Horses Across State Lines

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