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The Wisconsin State Horse Council (WHC) is here for "the horse" and the people who own them or simply love them. We exist solely for the welfare of the horse and the betterment of our industry as a whole.

Our Mission

  • To represent and to foster a unified equine industry of Wisconsin.
  • To promote the equine through leadership, education, service and communication.
  • To take a pro-active role in the future growth and development of the equine industry.

Company Overview

WHC is a non-profit organization representing horsemen and women and the equine industry in Wisconsin. In representing the equine industry we promote the horse through leadership, education, and service, and take a proactive role in the growth of our industry.

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In Memory...Marilyn Krueger, WHC Director & District 2 Officer

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Marilyn Krueger, WHC Director and District 2 Officers has passed away. Marilyn was active with the WHC for many years and was always very passionate about helping and doing her part for the organization and the horse community. Our sincerest sympathies go to her family and friends. She was a dedicated and wonderful person who will be greatly missed by all. A link to her obituary can be found below. ­čśö

Obituary for Marilyn Krueger



The Wisconsin Horse Council received the information below on 5/24/21. Please take a moment to read the entire message and consider helping as an organization, individual or both by way of the suggestions that they provide in their message.



The PRCA was one of the instrumental leaders to form the Western Sports Coalition to be a collective voice to present knowledge, research and humane treatment of livestock to lawmakers to preserve and protect the future of Western sports and traditions. This new collective group of rodeos and western heritage events was established on the recent activities to ultimately ban rodeo and all equestrian events in LA City.

We are proud to be involved and need to keep the Coalition together as the approach of the protagonists is a bottom-up approach to ban rodeo locally, in counties and ultimately the state. The collective power of the Coalition has been impressive in putting spokespeople before elected officials to better educate these key decision makers.

Our vision of the Western Sports Coalition is to continue this collaborative approach beyond the LA City issue. In 2021, there has been significantly more potential legislation to interfere with rodeo. We have been successful in keeping the legislation in committee or amended. However, we need to engage a larger collaborative voice to defeat. As one of the key founders, we will be driving further initiatives (meetings, seminars and software solutions) that will bring us together to stay in front of future legislation and share resources to better position rodeo and western events.

Who is involved? The PRCA, PBR, California Charros Association, and Western Justice were the first organizations to become involved and started recruiting California western heritage groups to come together.

PRCA Rodeos: Red Bluff Round-Up; Santa Maria Elks Rodeo; California Circuit Rodeo; Rodeo Salinas; Clovis Rodeo.
Associations: Pacific Coast Horse Racing; Indian National Finals Rodeo; Western States Ranch Rodeo Association; National Stock Horse Association; Pro Charro Association; Protect the Harvest; IPRA; WPRA; Bill Pickett Rodeo; Compton Cowboys; Jr. Rodeo; AQHA; National High School Rodeo Association.

If this ordinance is enacted in LA, we will no longer have rodeo, bull riding and various equestrian events in LA. This will cancel the charros rodeo, the all-Black rodeo at STAPLES Center, PBR, PRCA rodeos, Compton Cowboys exhibitions, and even several Olympic equestrian sports. Not only that, but other cities will follow with their own rodeo bans. We can’t overstate how important it is to shut this down NOW.

There are two things you can do as an organization and/or individually:

1.     Comment on the LA City Council website. CLICK HERE.
2.     Write a letter to a City Councilmember. CLICK HERE.

The Western Sports Coalition is asking all organizations and individuals to contribute financially to this effort as well. Everyone, as organizations and as individuals, can help in this effort by contributing to Western Justice, a 501(c)4 entity. We need everyone’s help in stopping this ordinance and those yet to come!

For more information and how to support, please contact:
Anthony Bartkowski, Director, Athlete Development & Welfare or 719-528-4729

Scott Dorenkamp, Manager, Livestock Welfare & Gov’t Relations or 719-528-4782


The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on the United States

IT'S HERE! The American Horse Council Foundation's results of its 2017 National Economic Impact Study are now available!

Please click on the link below to be redirected to the American Horse Council's website page where you can get all of the details and a link where you can purchase the new booklets of information.


AHC INFOGRAPHIC 2017 Economic Impact Results - NATIONAL (PDF)

AHC INFOGRAPHIC 2017 Economic Impact Results - WISCONSIN (PDF)

WHC's 2017 Economic Impact Brochure - (PDF)


AHC April 2021 News - Click on this link to read their updates




Time To Ride Challenge Information

The purpose of the Challenge is to support individual equine businesses and organizations in attracting newcomers to horses by hosting an event at their facility. This grassroots approach gives barn owners the opportunity to grow their business by introducing non-horsey people to the beauty and benefits horses bring to our lives, while simultaneously growing the horse industry overall.

Visit the link below for more information and to register your barn today







Please click on the link below for all of the details and to access the donation form for this program.





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Recreational Trail Aids (RTA) Program

This is a federal program administered in all states. Municipal governments and incorporated organizations are eligible to receive reimbursement for development and maintenance of recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail uses.

Legal Transportation of Horses Across State Lines

WHC would like to share this important information with you courtesy of Please click here to access this excellent article.

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